About A+ Smart Little Leaders

In a very intensive era of rapidly growing digital technologies resulting in limiting human communication, our innovative leadership program for children designed to develop Public Speaking, Critical Thinking, Communication & Leadership skills in a simple and fun way. Our method is simple.

Our goal is big: Building Strong Little Leaders with a Big Future!

If you are reading this, this means that you want a better future for your children.

A+ Smart Little Leaders is an innovative and complete leadership program for children 5 - 13 years old.

This Program was created for online group classes.

To find out exactly what moms and teachers wanted to be included in my program, I surveyed 50 moms and teachers with a face- to- face panel discussion.

After extensive research, a survey, and a panel discussion with moms and teachers, I developed a leadership program for 5-13 years old children.

A+ Smart Little Leaders™Overview

The A+ Smart Little Leaders program teaches children public speaking and leadership skills in a fun, fast and easy way. It helps them to become confident leaders at an early age before they develop a fear of public speaking while preparing them for a future life & career of leadership.

The program has three main aspects:

  1. It teaches important leadership skills such as: conversation, dialogue, discussion, presentation, debate, critical thinking & much more. Children learn leadership skills while playing games and having fun.

2. Engages in pretend storytelling play (5-8 year old children) with popular animal puppets.

3. Using music as a creative tool for a fast and easy learning experience.

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Your Child's Future Starts Here!

Give your child the chance to overcome the fear of public speaking at an early age.

Let your child to stand up and shine in front of any audience and make you feel proud!

Our method is simple.

Our goal is big: Building Strong Little Leaders with a Big Future!

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